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dreamSTATE ~ ambient electronic soundscapes

dreamSTATE's DRoNE DAY album cover

dreamSTATE's new album, DRoNE DAY, is an ambient dronescape journey recorded live on the first National Drone Day, May 10, 2014 and released on Drone Day 2017. It's available now on CD, Cassette or Download at Bandcamp.


dreamSTATE vs. Heiki "Stone Shore" cover

dreamSTATE's new e.p. with electronic artist Heiki Sillaste was recorded live in a stone cathedral. Read its story and listen to the tracks at their new Bandcamp site or at CD Baby.

Read a recent interview with dreamSTATE about the 18th anniversary of THE AMBiENT PiNG, their long relationship with ambient drone music, and their favourite gear and music at the Roland Music Blog.

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What's new:

dreamSTATE have set up camp at
Bandcamp - where most of their
releases can be found.

The new dreamSTATE album DRoNE DAY is exclusively available now through the new dreamSTATE Bandcamp site.

dreamSTATE's new Stone Shore e.p.
with Heiki Sillaste is available now
at CD Baby and at Bandcamp.

dreamSTATE's Ephemeral City is an infinite multimedia app created for iPhone, iTouch or iPad. Every listen to this deep ambient iAlbum will be a fresh experience, with ever-changing arrangements of dreamSTATE soundscapes plus urban ambient art by Scott M2. Experience it now for only $2.99 US

Mp3s ~ dreamSTATE's onsite mp3s page
with soundscapes light and dark.
Have a listen

dreamLiNE ~ dreamSTATE's
ambient T's and paraphernalia...

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