Scott M2 - Ambient Multi-media Works
CROSSiNG – Cloud Painting #4

Scott M2 (Scott McGregor Moore) is the founder of Canadian electronic
soundscape project dreamSTATE, with Jamie Todd - known for their
ambient installations, albums and atmospheric live performances.
Since 2000, they have curated THE AMBiENT PiNG live music series
in Toronto, presenting hundreds of experimental concerts.

Deeply rooted in the concepts of ambient music, Scott has initiated a series
of investigations into the possibilities of ambient film and related multimedia
to induce a slower, subtler relationship with time and space.
His projects include Muse Concrète photography/multimedia,
including the Cloud Painting series, and the Aqua Reliquia and
Oblique Poetries
series with fiberartist/poet Lynn Harrigan.

This site focuses on Scott's multimedia and wordsoundart projects.
For news on dreamSTATE please visit the dreamSTATE site.

Visit Scott's miniature ambient multimedia loops at the Vine archive.

April 9th, 2016
~ Dandelion
Ambient video
Drone Cinema Festival
Grand Illusion Theater - Seattle, Washington
Vrijplaats Middelstegracht - Leiden, Netherlands

Still from Dandelion by Scott M2 - Music by dreamSTATE

"Dandelion is drone approached from an elemental ambient perspective...
which is not rooted from below, but floats above like mist or cloud." ~ Scott M2

"The Drone Cinema Film Festival enters its second year of showcasing
cutting-edge, minimalist works of ethereal beauty."
Complete Press Release

January 4th, 2015
~ dreamSTATE - Ephemeral City
Multimedia Installation in an iPhone

Screenshot from dreamSTATE - Ephemeral City

dreamSTATE's new album Ephemeral City is an iPhone/iPad app.
It weaves a fresh infinite arrangement of dreamSTATE's soundscapes
and Scott M2's urban ambient art everytime it's played.
Controls are included to adjust the mix or to slow the visuals.
Click the screenshot above to launch a short video capture.

$2.99 US at the link above or search for dreamSTATE in the App Store iPhone section.

March 7th - April 13th, 2014
~ Aqua Reliquia - Waterlines
Multimedia Installation - Fiber art by Lynn Harrigan & video art by Scott M2
Evergreen Brickworks - Young Welcome Centre, Toronto

A still from Waterlines by Scott M2

Aqua Reliquia is an ongoing multimedia project by Lynn Harrigan and Scott M2
combining fiber art, poetry, video, and electronic soundscapes
inspired by the Great Lakes region.

Aqua Reliquia - Waterlines focuses on water and shorelines
and features Lynn's hand embroidered images plus
Scott's new ambient video piece Waterlines which
plays with the gently chaotic wave geometries
of a Lake Ontario shoreline.

Cover Images for North Atlantic Drift/Northumbria Split CD

Cover for north atlantic drift / northumbria Split CD by Scott M2

Cover package for north atlantic drift / northumbria Split CD by Scott M2
From the Aqua Reliquia - Shoreline series.

"This North Atlantic Drift / Northumbria Split is a rich sonic experience which has been
beautifully mastered by James Plotkin and might appeal to fans of a variety of instrumental genres.
As with all Polar Seas releases, it comes in lovely hand stamped and numbered packaging and
features wonderful artwork by Scott M2 (dreamSTATE) that is a pleasure to see and to hold."
~ Brian Housman at Headphone Commute.

October 30th - November 10th, 2013
~ Aqua Reliquia - 1913
Multimedia Installation - Fiber art & poetry by Lynn Harrigan,
Video art by Scott M2 and Soundscapes by dreamSTATE.
Gallery 1313 - 1313 Queen Street West, Toronto

Some of the Aqua Reliquia art, poetry & Video at Gallery 1313

Aqua Reliquia - 1913 is a multimedia installation by Lynn Harrigan and
Scott M2/dreamSTATE combining fiber art, poetry, ambient films, and
electronic soundscapes inspired by the Great Lakes and the impact of the
Great Storm of 1913
which raged across the Lakes from November 6th to 10th.

May 1st to 31st, 2013
~ Art and Design
Instagram digital photo mounted 12"x12"
Goodfellas Gallery
1266 Queen Street W.

Art and Design photo by Scott M2

Instagram photo for the Instagratification photography exhibit at
Goodfellas Gallery
1266 Queen Street W, curated by Goodfellas and Hello Foto.
Part of the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival in Toronto, Canada.

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October 16th to 20th, 2012
~ Icon for a Small Planet #2
Treated digital photograph
Teatro San Giorgio - Udine, Italy

This image, selected from Scott's ambient film icon for a small planet,
was presented as part of the SQUARE project curated by Francesca Agostinelli
for Taukey Edizioni Musicali - Teatro San Giorgio - Udine, Italy.

November 12th to December 16th 2011
~ Lumina Three
Multiple monitor ambient video installation at
Roadside Attractions
gallery - 911 Davenport Road, Toronto.

Lumina Three ~ A unique tableau for each viewer, to engender
moments of mystery through light, line and slow evolution.

October 2011
~ icon for a small planet + Limbus - Cloud Painting #7
Ambient films with music by dreamSTATE for
VAGUE TERRAIN net journal of Digital Art /Culture / Technology

Still from icon for a small planet

Two new ambient films are premiered in VAGUE TERRAIN 20: AMBIENT edition.

"Recently I've been delighted to be able to work on music and visuals practically
anywhere using my iPad. I appreciated the timely invitation from Vague Terrain
to submit a new ambient work and completed the visual treatments for
icon for a small planet
while on daily transit. It seemed appropriate to create
the soundtrack with elements from an iPhone app dreamSTATE is developing.

I have paired icon for a small planet with Limbus - Cloud Painting #7
to match its rather ominous mood. Brian Eno once defined ambient music as
being "as ignorable as it is interesting". This does not eliminate the induction of
thoughts and feelings through ambient works, be they light or dark,
or their ability to comment on the current human condition."

August 29th, 2011
~ Chalk for Jack Layton - Cloud Painting #22
Ambient video with soundtrack by dreamSTATE

Image from Chalk for Jack Layton - Will launch video
Click here or on the image to play the film.

A tribute to respected Canadian polititian Jack Layton inspired by the many
hundreds of personal messages left in chalk on the walls and sidewalks
outside of Toronto City Hall after his death on August 22, 2011.

"I visited to read the messages and found them thoughtful, emotional and
inspirational. I was moved to photograph many of these messages before
they were washed away in the rain and to make this film -
a personal statement in art for Jack and an attempt to
see the future with less cynicism and more optimism."

August 6th - 21st, 2011
~ icon for a small planet #1
12x12" treated photograph on wrapped canvas
TWIST Gallery
, 1100 Queen St. West, Toronto

icon for a small planet - image by Scott M2

This image, selected from a new ambient film icon for a small planet,
was Scott's contribution to the 2011 edition of the Square Foot project

presented at TWIST Gallery, 1100 Queen St. West (Queen & Dovercourt)
Exhibition dates: Saturday August 6th - 21st, 2011
Gallery Hours: Wed. - Sat. 12-7pm & Sun. 12-5pm

Press/Collectors Preview Gala: Friday, August 5th, 7pm
Tickets are $20.00 and proceeds from ticket sales will go to local charities.
Public Reception: Saturday, August 6th, 7pm (free admission)

May 25th to June 5th 2011
~ Parkdale Facade
20x20" treated photograph on wrapped canvas
Gallery 1313, 1313 Queen St. West, Toronto

Parkdale Facade by Scott M2

Presented as part of the OPEN DOORS exhibition at Gallery 1313,
1313 Queen St. West, Toronto. This exhibition of photography and painting
reflecting Toronto and Parkdale architecture and urban landscape was curated
by Director, Phil Anderson and for the Toronto DOORS OPEN event.

February 18th to March 11th 2011
~ Guitardream
60x60cm ambient photography at the 60x60 Images exhibition
remounted in conjunction with the opening of the 24th Annual
Minumental Show
at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

Guitar Dream by Scott M2

October 12th to 24th 2010
~ Guitardream
60x60cm ambient photography at Contemporanea 2010, Festival di Nuova Musica -
TEM - Taukay Edizioni Musicali - Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine, Udine Italy,
as part of the 60x60 Images exhibition (60 60x60cm pieces by 60 artists
from around the world) curated by Francesca Agostinelli.

Guitardream (left) ~ Click photo for 60x60 Images gallery photos.

July 13th to 18th 2010
~ CITYSCAPES: Ephemeral City
Urban-Ambient photography at Propeller Center For The Visual Arts
984 Queen Street West, Toronto

Ephemeral City photos at Propeller Center For the Visual Arts

Presented as part of the OBSCURED METROPOLIS exhibition curated by
Simone Rojas-Pick. Opening Reception: Thursday July 15th, 7-10pm.

"The triptych, CITYSCAPES (2010), is part of a series of photographs, Ephemeral City.

The blurred images capture the motion and mystery of urban life. Bravely future
facing, enigmatic figures embrace the inscrutable nature of the Ephemeral City,
complicit in the street culture that defines one moment from the next.

Restlessness propels them through time. Momentum is their most valuable currency."

July 1st to 31st 2010 from dusk till 2:00am ~ Moz - Cloud Painting #8
Ambient video installation at Roadside Attractions gallery - 911 Davenport Road, Toronto.

"It is believed that the word moose is derived from
the Algonquin Abenaki tribe's name, Moz.

Moz was captured on film in Algonquin Park as he pensively enjoyed his lunch.
No doubt he was pondering the transience of existence and his place
in the art world as a symbol of Canada's deepest wilderness.

The Cloud Painting series employs clouds as agents of artistic transformation
in order to draw the viewer deeper into slow-time.
As ambient art,
Cloud Paintings
reward attention but can be as easily ignored
as the elemental wilderness that Moz represents."

May 12th to June 6th 2010
~ Rain of Fire
An Oblique Poetries wordsoundart piece with poet/fiberartist Lynn Harrigan.
Rain of Fire marks the first installment of Intersections, a three part series
curated by Simone Rojas-Pick and Jessica Nagy for the Launch Pad Project
for the Gallery 1313 Window Gallery - 1313A Queen St. West, Toronto
Opening Reception: Thursday May 13th, 7-10pm

"Rain of Fire is a new multimedia collaboration between Scott M2 and Lynn Harrigan
that combines poetry, embroidery and ambient video painting to address the
vulnerability of so many during these times of rapid economic change. Created
as part of their developing Oblique Poetries series, the piece reflects the
emotions of people trapped by the economic collapse of recent times
and the false promises of the global new world order. Left exposed
and unprotected, there is no solace in the gospels of greed."

September 15, 2009 ~ dreamSTATE - Soundscape for Richard Wright
A film by Scott M2 for dreamSTATE's homage to Pink Floyd keyboardist
Richard Wright (July 23, 1945 - September 15, 2008).

Click here or on the image to play the film.

Concert footage filmed September 21st 2008 by Jeff Howard,
additional footage by Scott M2, analog light projections by General Chaos Visuals,
and music by dreamSTATE (Scott M2 and Jamie Todd) with Eric Hopper.

September 11th, 2009 ~ Plate Tectonics - Cloud Painting #10

A short ambient test-film by Scott M2 / Music by dreamSTATE - (1:34)

Click here or on the image to play the film.

January 1st to 31st 2009 ~ Le Temps de La Neige - Cloud Painting #13
Ambient video installation
Roadside Attractions gallery - 911 Davenport Road, Toronto.

Cloud Painting #13 by Scott M2
Le Temps de La Neige at Roadside Attractions gallery - Photo by Roy Kohn

"A vintage television sits on an old wooden table. Rabbit-ear antennae extended,
the signal hopefully enhanced by crumpled tinfoil on the tip of one damaged ear.

The forecast for the future is blue screens and blackness.
Television snow, a constant since childhood,
disappears with analog television sets as technology evolves.
A contemplation of transience and an appreciation of simple beauty,
Cloud Painting #13
pays homage to the time of snow."

December 13th, 2008 ~ CROSSiNG – Cloud Painting #4
Ambient video installation and fiberscapes by Lynn Harrigan and Scott M2
The Theatre Centre, 1087 Queen Street West, Toronto.

CROSSiNG - Cloud Painting #14

Fibers meet electrons in an evolving work of gradual transformation and revelation.

The soundscape component of the installation was created by dreamSTATE
(Scott M2 + Jamie Todd), the film by Scott M2/Lynn Harrigan
and the accompanying fiberscapes by Harrigan.

May 25th, 2008 ~ Nouvel Hôtel de Ville + Sub Gardiner X + DVP
Films for live performance by Knurl (Alan Bloor)
Polish Combatants Hall - 206 Beverley St., Toronto

Toronto City Hall - photo by Scott M2

Three films created for live performance by KNURL (Alan Bloor) on
concrete soundsculpture at the Concrete Toronto Music event.

CONCERT SCHEDULE for Sunday May 25 @ Polish Combatants Hall (206 Beverley St.)
8:00-8:15 — introductions
8:15-8:30— Carla Huhtanen (voice) + Wallace Halladay (sax)
8:30-9:00— Knurl (playing concrete) + Scott M2 (film)
9:15-9:45 — Smith & Wiernik (laptop + visuals)
10:00-10:30 — Tony Dekker (guitar + voice) with Sandro Perri (electronics)
10:45-11:30 — CCMC: Michael Snow — piano + keyboard,
John Oswald — sax, Paul Dutton — voice

Article on Concrete Toronto Music in Eye Weekly.

KNURL - Photo by Scott M2
KNURL (Alan Bloor) performs on concrete blocks at Concrete Toronto Music
with the
Nouvel Hôtel de Ville film by Scott M2.

Two pieces from the Oblique Poetries series by Scott M2 and Lynn Harrigan
are featured at Stephen Philips' new Ambient site.

November 13th, 2007 - Scott performs soundscapes to underscore poetry and
art projections by Steve McCabe and tap dancing (!) by Paula Skimin
at The Art Bar Poetry Series. at Clinton's, 693 Bloor St. W., Toronto.

November 23rd, 2007 - Scott M2 and Lynn Harrigan read from Oblique Poetries
at the Plasticine Poetry Series - The Central, 603 Markham St., Toronto
with Michael Fraser, Truth Is and Kurt Zubatiuk.

October 17th 2007 - Bone Memory + Oblique Poetries
Draft 3.1 - The Poetic Connection
276 Carlaw Ave., Suite 202, Toronto

Scott M2 and Lynn Harrigan - photo by Jamie Todd
Photo by Jamie Todd

Art, poetry and dance come together in this special edition of Draft
featuring four multi-media collaborations.

Scott M2 and poet/fiberartist Lynn Harrigan read from their collaborative work
Oblique Poetries
. Scott will also be weaving soundscapes live to underscore the poetry
and will be premiering his first ambient visual work Bone Memory, which will be
projected during their set (at 8pm sharp), with poet Ronna Bloom & pianist
Peter Dick, poet Susan L. Helwig & projections by Felix Chakirov, poet/artist
Steven McCabe & guitarist Paul Sanderson & dancer Preethi Gopinath.

October 16th, 2007 - HOWL on CIUT-FM (11:00 pm EST) Scott M2 & Lynn Harrigan join
host Nancy Bullis on HOWL, Toronto's weekly "breakdown of the zeitgeist of poetic
expression" on CIUT 89.5FM in Toronto and live on the internet. They'll be discussing
their upcoming performances and reading from Oblique Poetries.

July 6th through 15th, 2006 ~ Scott M2 performs dreamSTATE soundscapes to
accompany MOON SEA CROSSING - The Play at The Toronto Fringe Festival based
on the book by Lynn Harrigan. Produced by Fertile Ground Productions, the play
garnered a 5-star review from writer Kellie Maltese in eye weekly magazine:

"This gathering of mythology, music and meta-fiction produces a
poetic palimpsest of Irish beliefs and one immigrant woman's struggle
to find a balance among them. In an audience-directed monologue,
"MOON SEA CROSSING" is accentuated by music and lighting that serve
to mirror both the character's emotional and physical battle based on
the prejudices that bind her. With language that flows like the sea
that has stolen her away from her homeland, the audience
can't help but follow her along."

Scott M2 - photo by Lynn HarriganScott M2 - photo by Lynn Harrigan
Scott M2 tweezes the scapes for MOON SEA CROSSING - The Play
in the Factory Theatre soundbooth. Photos by Lynn Harrigan